Monday, January 10, 2011


Watching school closing scroll across the bottom of the t.v. reminded me of a blog I've intended to write up for months. There's nothing like seeing Flippin schools and Dumas that makes you laugh about some of the town names in the great state of Arkansas!

It's not that Illinois doesn't have crazy names. I mean I lived just miles away from Boody! Arkansas reminds me of home when I see: Urbana, Salem, Clinton, Farmington, Jacksonville, Hillsboro, Cerrogordo, Batavia, Belleville, Danville, Mt. Zion, Elgin, El Paso, Morris, Monticello and even Albion (who knew there was more than one Albion in this world...though Illinois' is surely one-of-a-kind!). And to really remind me of home, there is Decatur and Meridian (the name of my high school)!

If you are looking for a baby name or want to get your picture by a sign with your name, then you may want to visit all the towns named after people: Alexander (the town where my address says I live), Carson, Emerson, Marshall, Jordan, Curtis, Byron, Lacey, Marianna, Cecil, Dixie, Noland, Harriet, Quinn, Leslie, Rudy, Rupert, Allison, Ben, Bruno, Rhea, Jericho, Douglas, Ida, Alicia, Burdette, Aubrey, DeAnn, Nathan, Jerome, Ivan, Delaney, Hector, Norman, Jean, Joy, Immanuel, Elizabeth, Kirby, Leonard, Leslie, Chester, Marie, Marcus, Joan, Elaine, Jennette, Wesley, Taylor, Morgan, Lynn, Shannon, and Jericho. Whew--That's a lot of people! Some people are extra special and got their name within the town, such as Billstown (sort of selfish!) and Carroll's Corner (I'm intrigued to know if there is more than 1 corner in this town). Wait, I forgot to mention that Barney originated here. Maybe not the show, but 800 people call it home. There also is town for the famous cat, Garfield and yet another, Dora.

There are towns named after animals: Bear, Beaver, Deer, and Fox.

I've got so many places around the world to see, but in the meantime, maybe I need to just travel to: Jerusalem, Palestine, London, Paris, Havana, Scotland, Vail, Tokyo, Little Italy, Sweden, or Moscow, Arkansas.

Which town would you choose?

  • Pansy or Daisy or Tulip?
  • Heart or Romance?
  • Petty View or Pitts?
  • Combs or Nail?
  • Calamine or Healing Springs?
  • Almond or Tomato?
  • Snow or Hot Springs?
  • Manila or Blue Mountain?
  • Calmer or Delight?
  • Marked Tree or Big Fork?
  • Hooker or Cash?
  • Ozone or Process City?
  • Bragg City or Okay?
  • Camp or Casa?
  • Center or Center Point?
  • Guy or Reader?
  • Bragg City or Ratio?
  • Brightstar or Bright Star?
  • Strong or Success?
  • Samples or Ratio?
  • Wiseman or Quitman?
  • Butterfield or Possum Grape?
  • Whistleville or Plumerville?
  • Dogpatch or Stamp? (for all you Bingo fans!)
  • Gin City or Busch?
  • Barber or Bald Knob?

Some people think Arkansans can't count, but at some point they got to Figure Five, Fifty-Six, and Number Nine. Seriously?

But finally, I leave you with my awards for the top 10 towns in Arkansas:

10. Beverage Town--I'm betting it's not in a dry county.

9. Waldo--We looked all over the dang world and all along Waldo was hiding in Arkansas!

8. Greasy Corner--Who wouldn't be dying to visit this place.

7. Hicks Station--I bet they get laughs when they tell people their address out loud.

6. Gassville--I would think you would just be paranoid to fart here!

5. Best--Hi. My name is Sara and I live in the Best town in Arkansas. Ha!

4. Sweet Home--Can't believe they didn't write the song to say "Sweet Home, Arkansas!"

3. Weiner--Weiner is just one of those words that still makes one giggle even past age 8.

2. Blue Ball--Again, speechless!

1. And my favorite town....Nimrod. --No matter how smart you really are, no one will believe you!

Gotta love Arkansas!!

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