Thursday, December 16, 2010

To Do: Work Christmas party

When I tell people that I work for Girl Scouts, 98% of the time they reply "Oh, that would be so fun!" Fun--not always! But yesterday it was fun. We had our first all-state work party at the bowling alley. For a non-profit, that's a big deal! Rarely are all 75 of us in the same room, let alone having fun. This picture is of my co-worker Melody who shares the same job as me. We spend a lot of time on the phone and emails but rarely in person.

And even though there was lots of us, I ended up spending most of the day hanging out with the Little Rock peeps. I work with a crew!

This is my friend Kendall. I think we are friends for 1 reason, okay maybe 2. Because one of us is likely to be the last one to work. I won't name names, but one of us usually beats the other (because I try not to be late...ok if I'm last, but not late). Kendall is also to blame for getting me into this blogging bit. We also share a love of rustic decorating, work gossip, apparently scarves, and Saline County. We do not share a love of her dog (her dog is just ok--She thinks differently), apples, and belts (Kendall loves her belts!)

Usually you will catch Kendall and I catching up....just as my boss, Anna Beth (below in her fancy pink bowling shirt--her wardrobe is unlimited) always walks by. And more times than not, Chastity (aka Kris Allen's friend) is also in the room. Anna Beth, I can't help it! They come to my office and I just can't escape! :) And she never believes us when we try to explain that we just started talking minutes before she walked by!
If Kendall's busy, I usually wind up with the other membership staff. Unfortunately for them, Katie and Sally have the next closest office! Here are the three of us (Katie on the left, Sally in red), along with Mindy (the class clown of the office should we say) and Leslie from the Jonesboro office. We all bowled together.
Note: Katie is demonstrating the "sorority pose" as she calls it. Don't be concerned with her posture.

Anyway, back to the party. So we decided to play the 10 rounds of silly bowling. It was a hoot!

No, I'm not laying an egg--that's bowling with 2 hands.

Nice view Leslie! You did just as good throwing backwards as with your left hand!

Lazy man's bowling--harder than it looks!

Bowling while holding hands sends the wrong signal!

Turn your head to the side and you'll see how we risked our lives (ok legs) on this challenge
Not to brag or anything
So apparently Sally beat me by 1, but I see no evidence to prove it!
The day ended with skits made up by teams within each office. This is my team singing a song about mom driving around finding the perfect spot while all the kids whined in the car. The "mom" is of course our CEO...with her frisbee horn with it's Taboo horn.

It definitely was a fun day! Just hope that since some have to go back to work (not me...I'm off for the next 2 weeks---WAHOO!), I hope Chastity doesn't go "postal" without me around!

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