Tuesday, December 7, 2010

To Do: See my plot

Nope. I'm not kidding. The Girl Scout Motto (I think) is: BE PREPARED!

While we were home for Thanksgiving, we got to talking around the kitchen table one day at my in-laws about our grandparents funerals. Matt and I both lost a grandparent (about 6 weeks apart) last fall. And the only time I had ever been to the cemetary in Blue Mound was for Matt's grandparent's funeral. But oddly enough, that is where I will be buried. After his grandma passed, the whole Ervin clan decided to go pick out our plots. It seems like I was still in South Carolina, but I really can't remember the reason. I just know that Matt picked our site for us. And it had never really crossed my mind to go see this special spot until last weekend. Ready to be jealous with envy? Here it is:

No pretty trees. No sunny skies. Just cold and gray. That's ok. Sure I want you to add some tulips, but please no hideous wind sock. Here is a different, more glamourous view. We are in the back row--seems like us, doesn't it?
And just so you know...Matt & I would like to request that the following be at our visitation:
Sara: Chocolate fountain with Girl Scout cookies
Matt: Ice Cream machine (of course)

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