Sunday, November 21, 2010

To Do: Razorback game!

Sure my blood still runs orange & blue, but last weekend I pretended it ran red (the opposing team ironically wore orange and blue). Thanks to our great neighbors -who are die hard, and I mean die hard Razorback fans!- we were able to go to our first University of Arkansas Razorbacks game. And until you have experienced football in the south, you have no idea what a true fan means. Though I swore I would never "yell for the hogs", I didn't realize how much I would enjoy watching football. I've seen almost the entire game of almost every game this season (it sure is a lot more fun to watch when they actually win sometimes!) It's also fun to see how they do things differently. One thing is for sure...tailgating is big time! Check out this gig...

I wish I had a picture of the mascots. In the next photo, you can see the big one in the bottom right corner. He has 2 smaller hogs, called Pork Chop and Sue E. (if that doesn't make you giggle, you need some meds!)

And imagine our faces when we were walking down the street, heard a truck blaring loud pep music, and as it passed, we saw this:

Everyone else just acted like it was a normal occurance. (Obviously it was to them!) But no way did I expect to see a real, live razorback! Can we say U-G-L-Y!!

The game was a blowout, 58-21 Arkansas wins! And despite being 35 degrees (notice our new hats we bought...and yes, they are crooked but we were too cold to care)...we had a great time! More blogs to come on our great adventure the UofA.

I'll leave you with the best part....calling the hogs!

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  1. Trying to decide if I want to alert my bff Brentt Flammang that his mother ruined him for life, although I'm pretty sure he already knows that. Kathy Flammang is actually a very sweet lady. She actually was the local Sunday school teacher at the Baptist church where we grew up. I'm pretty sure Brentt would find your comments more amusing than insulting, though.