Tuesday, November 9, 2010

To Do: Get my clothes ready for tomorrow

Really? Like you care! I used to try to think ahead of what I might wear the next day, but who was I kidding... I knew I would change my mind. I'm the queen of changing my mind -- do you know how many times I buy something, then return it? It's bad. Real bad.

But as I look forward to the week being half over--which is a bigger feat this week due to walking out to pitch black at 5:30 every night--I wanted to share this survey I heard on the radio.

On average, women spend 76 minutes getting ready on Monday
(25 minutes on hair; 18 on make-up; 16 minutes trying on different combinations of clothes; and the rest showering and washing)
This is reduced to 40 minutes on Tuesday.
And falls to 19 minutes on Friday. (FYI--Not for me. My hot shower takes 19 minutes I'm sure!)

So, sorry, I looked cute yesterday! Sorry you missed it :)

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