Sunday, November 21, 2010

Done: Visit University of Arkansas campus

There is one reason why I am glad that I did not go to the UofA:
Hills! Big hills! Sidewalks were much steeper than they appear. Imagine being a freshman and trying to walk to class without breathing heavy, stopping to rest, or having sweaty pits in August. At least they plant red trees all over campus to give you some school pride!

There is one reason I wish I did go to the UofA:

How cool is that? Once you graduate, you get your name engraved in the sidewalk!

Of course, it was hard not to walk and read names. Need a baby name, come visit campus! Of course, the first sidewalk we looked at had an Ervin.
But finding my maiden name, Flamm, would be like finding a diamond in the diamond dig (ha!). And just when I thought it was brutal to have the last name Flamm for 26 years, I am grateful my last name wasn't Flammang! (And to top it off, they had to add that extra "t" to Brentt just to make sure this child was ruined for life!)

It's too bad Matt isn't a student here--he might have been one of the cool kids! Actually, we saw lots and lots of scooters. Why didn't we think of that in the 90's?

And it wouldn't have been a UofA experience without the razorbacks!

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