Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oh Jude!

Where do I begin? I have so many adorable stories about Jude Brown. When we first met Jude (he lived across the street from us in South Carolina) he was just mastering running. And talking was limited to just a few words. But, of course, he grew up way too fast.

It's been almost 6 months since we said our tearful goodbyes as both families moved west. Jude loves to talk on the phone like a teenage girl, but he has yet to figure out that when he calls Spiderman, he sounds a little like Matt. Hmm! Strange!

Jude is now in love....with Justin Bieber! How many times did we hear "baby, baby, baby, oh" sung last weekend?? Just every few minutes. Jude really wants to be Justin for Halloween, though tough-man Dad says No Way! But come on now, he has the song down, can play an air guitar, and even knows the opening line on stage "Whose my baby?" in some silly low voice.

Another funny story: We had our traditional meal together: smoked pulled pork. Yum! But the Alabama folks say they are "fixin" boston butt. We asked Jude if we were eating a cow's butt or a pig's butt. He replied "A cow's butt, but they cut the tail off." Whew!

Jude's Christmas list: I-pod, "Jep Ski", and BeeBee gun. He's 3 let me remind you.

But my favorite Jude story: He recently has become obsessed with boys vs. girls. You know where this is going. So one night in the bathtub with his sister he notices his special boy parts. Sophie being all educationally correct told him that they were called his testicles. (Chloe, his sister, was confused...she said the boys at school call them their balls.) Well, it's a long story, but a few days later Sophie told him to quit playing with himself. And somewhere in that conversation he thought his testicles were called tater tots. Tater tots will just never be the same!

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