Saturday, September 11, 2010

To Do: Call the Hogs

No, I really haven't lost my mind. It's just an Arkansas thing. We can't explain it.

One thing I have learned about living in the South is that sports is a serious matter. I thought Illini fans were hard core. I was so wrong! In SC, it was like the cards vs. cubs only it was Clemson vs. USC. But in Arkansas, there is only 1 thing to cheer for and that is the Razorbacks.
Everyone but the Ervins (and the Blome's) are in Little Rock tonight as the "hogs" play one of two games here for the season. I bet if we listen hard, we can hear the stadium do the craziest chant ever....wooooo....piiiiiiiiggggggg.....sooooooooiiiiiiiiieeeeeee! Or something like that. Do a search on YouTube and you'll see what I mean.

Here's a glimpse of life in razorback nation:
(Hog wild for this boat)

(Why wouldn't you store you crap here?)
(And this isn't the only red truck around purposely bought to match the hog decor!)
(Despite the silly name, it's our favorite pizza place)
(First I thought this was a daycare...what a great name for a day care)
(This gets my vote for best play on words)

But this my friends makes me laugh so darn hard. My co-worker Kendall (who is also to blame for getting me hooked on blogging) captured this cloud and swears it looks like a razorback. This, I tell you, just shows how hog crazy they are here (even though I would never, ever admit to her in person that it sort of does look like it....don't tell her I said that!)

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