Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vacation all I ever wanted...

The 1st Saturday of October is the perfect weekend to put up Halloween decorations, go to an outdoor festival or craft show, bake homemade bread or pies, watch football, things like that. But for me, the 1st Saturday in October meant sitting inside a freezing hotel for our annual meeting at work. Yes, this is why I get paid the big bucks!

The hotel for our meeting just happened to be next to the Little Rock airport. So throughout the day, we heard several jets overhead. I always seem to picture them as giant Southwest colorful planes, always leaving (because seriously, who comes to LR for a vacation....except family that feels obligated...but leaves having a vacation of a lifetime!). Anyway, my point is that I daydreamed of where my Southwest jet would take me if I could just leave right now.

My first choice--my dream vacation--New England in the fall!

Beaches, shabby chic, lighthouses, antiques galor, colorful trees--I would love it all! I mean, Martha Stewart lives here! Maybe she could show me around...because there is so much I want to see up there that I may have to stay for a month!

Sure, who wouldn't love to go to Hawaii or Alaska, but if I had a passport, I would probably choose the Caribbean first. I think I could handle every minute of this. But Matt, well, he would just have to look, so I guess I will wait till he is "repaired."

Truth be told, if I could get on a plane and go somewhere next weekend, I would love to meet my friend, Amanda, and head back to the Covered Bridge Festival in Indiana. My sister, Sherry, probably looks at this picture and breaks out in hives. But I think of the smell of kettle corn, fried donuts, and pulled pork sandwiches. Ok, and after eating, then we can shop, shop, shop!! It's a serious as feat as you cannot spend all of your money the first day, you can't buy object too large that you'll have to carry around, yet you also can't go back for items because you will never find where that booth was exactly. And just too much great stuff to even decide on! It was at the Covered Bridge Festival 3 years ago that Amanda told me her secret, that she was pregnant. (She was afraid all the trips to the porta-potty would look suspicious.) But it sure made for a memorable weekend!
But, it's pretty likely that we won't be flying out anywhere any time soon. We are thinking instead of visiting the highest point in the natural state, Mt. Magazine, next weekend. It's about 2 hours away and we are hoping for views like this.

We'll let you know how this vacation turns out...stay tuned!

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