Saturday, September 11, 2010

To Do: Go Grocery Shopping

So it's been awhile since I sat down to blog. And you are thinking--you have nothing better to write about then tell us your daily tasks like grocery shopping? Hey, at least I'm not talking about using the toilet!

I just had to tell you about our new Kroger Marketplace grocery store. I finally made a trip to it today, because needless to say, when I work every night--I don't cook very often.

So what's special about this store? It's competetion for Wal-Mart (and in Arkansas that's probably like swearing on the church steps!). But I hate Wal-Mart anymore so I was anxious to see what this store had. Not only were the isles huge and clean, but you could buy anything from a leather couch to a kitchenaid mixer to curtains (cute ones too) to a baby stroller to toys to art to chef prepared meals. Here's a glimpse from a picture I found online.

Just had to share my new favorite grocery store. Another reason to be jealous of our life here in Little Rock. Ha! It reminds me of how my sister, Sherry, was so excited when Wal-Mart opened up in her town. In fact, it was one of my niece, Katie's, first words. We had yet to get Wally world in our parts of the woods so we were so jealous. Hard to imagine life without it now. Maybe one day everyone will have a Kroger Marketplace too. And we'll hear "What a Wonderful World" playing in the background.

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