Tuesday, July 17, 2012

To Do: Top 10 with Caleb

Last week we had Matt's sister's middle child, Caleb, come live it up at the Ervin Inn from Sunday to Friday!  Boy oh Boy...this 5 year old boy had fun!  

Even though Aunt Sara entertained him all day long, he couldn't wait every day till Uncle Matt got home.  Caleb has lots of questions.  Lots!  If it wasn't "What you doing?", then it was probably "How much longer till Uncle Matt comes home?"...even if the answer was like 8 hrs!  

It was a busy, busy week but here's the Top 10 highlights:

10. Little Helper
Caleb rarely left my side.  But that's ok--he was a good little helper.  He loved to push the stroller, had fun gathering groceries, thought he was big stuff helping Matt mow, giving Parker toys and nearly every bottle, helping with bath time, etc.   He even asked me once if he could wash the dishes!  But like 99 times a day, he asked if he could pick up parker.  He got pretty good at not only lifting him, but also putting him back down (often about 1 min after picking him up!).  Proud to say--No injuries!

9. Fun at the Farm
We've already been to the zoo together before, so this time we went to the Fon du Lac Farm.  It was a quaint little petting farm with slides, animals, an old schoolhouse, duck pond, and more.  Caleb was a little timid petting the animals, but despite it being a hot day, we had a good time here.  

8. Just Jump
Looking for a fun place that would wear Caleb out, I took him and our neighbor, Finn, to Monkey Joes.  They jumped, and ran, then jumped some more, and ran some more!  

7. Swimming
Finn and his mom, Christy, also joined us one afternoon at the pool.  I was so glad she showed me this awesome place, and the boys had a great time showing off their swimming skills.  Parker loved the water too!

6. Let's Cook
If you are going to stay with me for a week, you can bet I'll put you in the kitchen.  One morning, we "painted" our toast (use food coloring in milk).  

The next morning, Chef Sara whipped up Mickey Mouse pancakes per Caleb's request...though he asked where the cherry was--geesh!  

No doubt the funnest cooking project was turning Rice Krispie treats into paint brushes.  Caleb was so proud of them when we took them to grandma's.

And just for fun, we had to introduce Caleb to pizza delivery!  

5. Construction Zone
Living in a brand new subdivision, there is construction everywhere!  Perfect for a boy who loves machines!!  The first day, he cracked me up when he pulled out his chair to watch the bobcat prepare the neighbor's yard for sod.  He made a friend too, giving the workers bottled water. :)

Matt took Caleb and Finn to the school construction site behind our house to check out some CAT equipment.  

And we got to watch them dig a foundation, as well as pour concrete.

4. Art
I admit--I'm a girl and I love crafts!  Caleb wasn't so sure about the slime we made from glue...

But you could see him beaming to the moon after we completed our melted crayon canvas art!  (In front of his favorite spot...the dirt hill in our backyard)

3. Dragon Ride
On his final night here, we took a drive down to Pekin to ride on their special dragons on a small lagoon.  Caleb was very excited!  Can you tell by his smile?

Matt--not so much!  Since I had to hold Parker, he got stuck doing all the work on the paddleboat.  Caleb made a deal and said he would steer!

2. Bike Rides
Somehow I didn't manage to capture a photo of us riding bikes.  Crazy, since this was a daily highlight for Caleb.  In fact, if you ask him what his favorite part of the week was, I guarantee you he will say "riding bikes and going up the big dirt hill."  Yep, he's all boy!  As soon as I put Parker down for his morning nap, Caleb would ask if we could go outside and ride bikes.  As soon as Matt came home, he wanted to know when we could go ride bikes.  We never rode long enough!  But...we did use the bikes to teach him the difference between right and left!  And so far, since Caleb left, we haven't rode our bikes again :)

1. Parker Honey
But the #1 highlight of the week for Caleb was getting Parker all to himself.  Caleb loves babies, but his "Parker Honey" is his buddy.  Even after a week, he wasn't sick of Parker.  And Parker just lights up when Caleb comes in the room.  I hope these cousins always remain best buds!

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