Monday, July 23, 2012

To Do: Garage Makeover (exciting!)

I'm a sucker for "makeovers" on tv--whether they be kitchens or hairstyles.

In fact, if any of you want to nominate me for the show What Not to Wear, you just go right ahead.  I can pretend to be upset that you are throwing away my 50 Girl Scout t-shirts that I wear to the grocery store.  I can even pretend that I don't want you to cut my hair.  But really, I would love a highlight, some great fitting jeans, and a whole new wardrobe!  I won't be mad at you.  Promise!

Anyway, this past weekend, Matt and his sister and brother decided to do a "makeover" on their dad's garage.  My Father-In-Law is awesome!  He has a giant heart.  Since all of the kids have recently moved and have lots of honey-do projects on their new homes, and John (Matt's dad) has helped each of them, they decided it was time for paybacks.  But the problem was--paybacks are hard to do with him because he can't sit still and would want to help.

But...then John had to have hip replacement surgery.  Ha ha--he would be in the hospital for a few days and then just simply unable to help.

Surprise!  Here comes the kids (and his favorite!).  It took us Friday night until Sunday, but it was worth the effort!  We cleaned out that garage and painted the garage floors....something John has wanted to do for years.

Here is the before picture (with most of the items on the floor already removed and the sawdust gone):

Now don't go telling him I snapped this photo (sorry about the quality--not sure what happened.  Makes it look like it was all a dream...ha ha).  John did make an appearance on Sunday as we put the pieces to the garage puzzle back in place --and was able to direct us to what went where.

Oh John, in his garage, everything has a place.  It's the most organized garage you've ever seen.  So he may have a little to do when he gets better as I know not everything got put back just as he would like.  Hopefully this didn't give him nightmares!

But the after picture makes it all better.

Hopefully John is loving his makeover!

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