Thursday, July 19, 2012

To Do: Actually Complete Some Pinterest Projects

If you are on pinterest, it's probably pretty obvious that I am addicted!  But I'm telling ya--Pinterest has changed my life!  Sometimes it's the little things --like straining hamburger grease in a bowl lined with foil that I just toss away--that has improved my daily life.  But Matt will probably tell you that Pinterest just creates a longer To-Do list for him!  

I've found tons of good ideas from recipes to planning Parker's 1st Birthday to ways to use my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!  But even though I pin like 10 new things every day, I really do try to cross some of them off of my To-Do list (or add them to Matt's!)

Here is some photos of finished projects we've recently done:

This one is probably my favorite!  Since we live in a construction zone, pallets are pretty easy to find.  Turning it into a shelf was easy and I love the end result!  I finally have a great display place for some of my favorite pictures (Parker of course and Lake Ouachita in Arkansas).

I may have seen this idea on Pinterest, but I really can't remember.  I know my friend, Sophie, used to have a picture of her first home hanging by her front door.  So building on that cute idea, we hung pictures of our previous 4 houses by our front door to remind us of all our adventures!

I first saw painted burlap door decorations in Arkansas.  Apparently, that trend hasn't caught on in Illinois, but I'm doing it anyway.  I saw a flower just like this on etsy for $35 and $15 shipping.  I dug through my craft closet and my final cost...$0.  OK, so it's not perfect.  Kinda looks like a starfish instead of a flower, but not that I know how easy they are to copy make, I have a more ideas to try later.

When Natalie visited, she wanted to paint burlap too.  After much debating, she decided she wanted an N.  She picked out glow-in-the-dark paint and did it all by herself!  Quite cute I think!  We also tried the bleach pen quite a success.  Harder than they say.  

When Caleb came to visit, I knew we had to find a craft that was boy-approved.  Melting crayons did the trick!  I have to admit, it was cool!  

My final project was a little more time consuming!  I see all kinds of posts about how easy it is to makeover old furniture.  And then my friend, Kendall, used to brag about her easy transformations.  Yeah, you guessed it--not so easy!  But...I didn't think our first try turned out so bad.  My sister-in-law had just moved into a new home, and the older couple had left lots of furniture.  She gave me this bed frame, which I am pretty sure was built by the homeowner, Bill.  I think that family would be glad to know that his work still lives on...just in a different color :)  Painted it colonial red, then distressed it and added some black paint to antique it up a bit.  Ervin Inn is now accepting guests.



 Hmm...wonder what will be next on my To-Do list??

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