Saturday, August 7, 2010

To Do: Observe Magic

Magic--Just like that our waverunner is fixed!

Ok, maybe it wasn't that easy. But Matt & Dustin made it seem like magic that it was fixed in just 1 day. The history of the waverunner we just purchased is a long & winded story. And I'm not much for telling those kind of stories --ha! The Cliff Notes version:
1. The waverunner broke down the 3rd time we used it.
2. The waverunner shop had it for weeks and never started working on it.
3. The waverunner warranty was about to expire in days.
4. The waverunner was dismantantled and parts were strewn all over the garage for weeks.
5. The waverunner engine was sent to Florida.
6. The waverunner engine arrived back yesterday.
7. The waverunner miraculously was re-assembled by Matt & Dustin today!!
8. The waverunner will be tested tomorrow-- if you don't hear from me for a few days, you may want to send the coast guard....or whoever saves you in Arkansas.

But while it may seem that the boys were heroes and that these mechanical engineers (or whatever their big whig title is) should write the process for reassembling an engine, I thought you might enjoy hearing some of the actual comments I overhead from the garage today:
  • Do you know where this went?
  • We better hurry, the silicone dries in an hour
  • If we take this out, what holds it together?
  • I think....
  • We better look at the instructions
  • Let's take off one bolt and see what happens
  • You know all these things look the same
  • The instructions say to do it now, but I want to do it out of order
  • Now you look like a mechanic
  • That is so Macgyver-ish (and trust me I wanted to insert a photo here, but since Dustin is one of my top blog followers, I know I would be in trouble)

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