Saturday, August 21, 2010

To Do: Make fun of Matt

According to Matt, he says this blog is just a way for me to make fun of HIM. Ok, if he insists!

I wish I had a small recorder so you could hear what is happening in the next room over. Well, first note, that (a) Matt generally cannot be in the same room as me if he is on the phone. Probably because I am always making fun of him for (b) constantly yawning when on the phone, (c) saying "and da da da and da da da" ---literally! or maybe just that (c) Matt's phone conversations rarely last over 6.5 minutes.

But right now he is the phone with customer service for our frozer dvr player....and we know that will last over 6.5 minutes. But it is vitally important that our dvr is brought back to life. Right now it is just playing a nasty trick on us--It records but as you are watching it, usually at the most dramatic part--it freezes.

But as many of us know, Matt's patience level varies depending on the task. But when he loses it, he loses it. So just pretend that you can hear him YELLING into the phone, note (d) at a very slow, robotic pace our account number. Then I hear him saying "Customer Service" as loud as he possibly can at least 3 times. I bet they couldn't hear him! Wait, he just got his directions. OMG, they told him to unplug it and try again. I hear the romote being slammed on the table. I hear words unappropriate for children. I hear a big sign. Oh don't you just wish you could be here to witness this!

He's probably a little cranky too because he took a nap and was awoken by the storm radio going off....there is a small thunderstorm 20 miles away. And the weather radio doesn't go off, until you turn it off. Again, I'm sure you can imagine.

Maybe when he reads that I only told you abour 4 of his flaws, he will laugh. Hopefully he reads this tomorrow!

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