Thursday, June 24, 2010

To Do: Pack bag for long car ride

Since I somehow inherited the Flamm procrastination genes, I am blogging instead of doing what I really need to be doing...packing. Matt & I are leaving from work tomorrow and are going to bond for 16 hours in a car as we travel back east to a small town in Tennessee for a wedding. Matt has been working insane hours this week (16 hours every day) so he probably hasn't even thought of one thing he will need. Guess that means I get to decide which of his 2 ties he will wear! I have a 50/50 chance of picking the one he actually wanted to wear.

But when packing my car bag (just like how most people our age are packing the latest Disney video, a coloring book, and a snack), I need lots to entertain myself just in case I don't sleep the whole way. Thank the good Lord I can read in the car!! Or maybe I should be more thankful that Matt seems to think he has some special bragging rights if he can say he drove all the way there. Whatever! I'm sure there is a special place in heaven with a plaque for that.

But since I can hardly wait to bond, I had to show you my car bag.

Get it? Matt E (for Ervin) is all mine baby! I ordered my makeup online and it came with free bag to promote their matte makeup. I just thought that was soooo funny. But when I got it, the back looked like this:

Now that is hillarious if I do say so myself!

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