Friday, August 24, 2012

To Do: Pray for Quinn

I'm not one to beg for prayers, but today, I'm begging.

It's all we can do.

Pray for Quinn.

I met Quinn when he was just a few weeks old.  Oh my, instantly, this kid had me wrapped around his chubby little fingers.  Those eyes!  Those curls!  

Matt worked with his mom, Sarah.  Yes, his MOM.  Sarah and her husband, Jerry, were chosen instantly (which you never hear of it seems) by the birth mother to be Quinn's adoptive parents.  They brought him home from the hospital and loved him to pieces.  I mean it.  They are awesome parents!  

Lucky for me, Quinn's babysitter was my friend, Kelly.  Lucky for me, that meant I could stop by and see this cutie whenever I wanted.  

And lucky for me, when Kelly took a different job last fall, I got to keep Quinn a few days a week.  I always looked forward to those days.  We had FUN!  He made fun. 

I can still hear him giggle when he got in the ziploc bags and slid all over the kitchen floors.  

The picture at the top was when we made a day out of playing with bottle caps.  He was the easiest kid to put to sleep and the neatest eater...two qualities I wish my own kid had!  I think the only time he cried was when mom left in the mornings (I always promised her that it stopped) and when he wanted more to eat :)  That's Quinn!

Quinn and his parents moved last year to Thailand.  Yeah, what an amazing life experience for them!  It seems like yesterday though that I saw him.  I still want to picture him wearing his adorable plaid shorts, and that cute shirt that said something like "my daddy did my hair today."  Still makes me chuckle.

But yesterday we learned that the Arkansas courts ruled that Quinn had to be returned to his birth father.  Like that, Quinn is parted from the only Mommy and Daddy he knows.  Like that, his world is full of strangers, strange surroundings, a new routine, a new life.  And his Mommy and Daddy are left to grieve.  It's just simply not fair.  As someone said on their Facebook page "bad things shouldn't happen to good people."  

They are so optimistic and turning to scripture for comfort.  But the pain seems unimaginable!  I myself just can't stop thinking about what they are facing.  

Today Sarah posted a tribute Two Years Together  (click here for video) to the two years they have had with Quinn.  I thought I would share it with you too.  It's obvious that Quinn was blessed during those two year.  

So please add Quinn, Sarah, Jerry, and even Quinn's birth family to your prayer list.  I pray that all of them are kept safe and protected and that eventually they can find happiness again.  


  1. That is so sad. I'll be praying for little Quinn and his family.

    Erin Phillips

  2. I cannot believe the courts are doing this. This is absolutely horrible for Quinn. That father didn't want Quinn to upset his college career but now he wants him. Thats a lot of baloney. I will pray for all of them !! I know Kelly will be upset.
    Joanne Pritchard