Tuesday, January 31, 2012

To Do: Compare Baby Pictures

For 9 months I wondered what my baby would look like.  

Maybe I should have just stared at Matt's baby picture.

Gee--Do you think they look alike??

Parker John

Matthew John

We knew right away that if we had a boy, his middle name would be John--named after Matt's dad.  John is Matt's best friend, and for me, has taken on the role of dad to me as well.  Many people have told us (John included) that it wasn't very shocking that John was the middle name.

As for the name Parker, we just stumbled upon it.  I sort of hate to even admit this, but back in the day when I used to watch Rosie O'Donnell's talk show, I remember I liked her son's name, Parker.  When we sat down one night on the computer to look at baby names, Parker was one of those names that we BOTH said we liked...and that was unusual.  As soon as we said Parker John, it just stuck...and we knew right away that this would be our boy name.  (We also quickly picked out the potential girl's first name--but that is still a secret--just in case!)  Having worked with kids, I especially liked the name because I didn't know any kids (especially bad kids) with that name.

Earlier I told you that one person guessed the name correctly.  It was our neighbor, Lindsay.  But I will tell you that she had a slight edge.  Since her son's name is Jonathan, we did slip and told her that the baby's middle name was John.  While she had many name guesses (and later submitted Andrew as her final guess), she did tell us one time that she had a cousin who just named their baby John Parker.  She then said, maybe you could name it Parker John.  Somehow we managed to keep a straight face!  Amazingly, when we joined Lindsay's family for Thanksgiving this year and got to meet the baby John Parker, our giggles didn't give away the name.

You may also remember me telling you about our friend's son, Jude, who was insistent that our baby was named Usher.  When his mom announced "Parker is here", Jude replied "But his name is Usher."  She said she convinced him that Usher was his middle name.  Jude visited us this weekend and informed us that he liked the name Parker...because Spiderman's name is Peter Parker!

My nephew, Nathan, also objected to the name.  He had a friend whose last name was Parker and he told us we needed to pick a "real name", not a last name!  But as you can see here, I think he got over it.

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  1. I had to laugh at your comment about knowing bad kids with the name! We are trying to decide on our girl's name, and I keep thinking of all the nasty kids I know so I can cross those off! We have it narrowed down to 2!!! And btw, I LOVE the name Parker! And your babe is too cute!