Monday, December 12, 2011

To Do: Wait for a Baby

Waiting, waiting...waiting for a baby (My 4-H House sisters know how that chant goes!)

Holy cow!  It's only a matter of time.  Everyone tells you that the time will fly.  I think those first few weeks, when we knew but were waiting to tell, were the longest. Part of me wants him to hurry and get here, but part of me is not quite ready. 

Here's a new belly shot for you, along with a sneak peak at the nursery. I'm still waiting on the letter Z to arrive, then I'll unveil the final alphabet project!

As most of you know, I'm a worry-wart. Big time!  My friend, Jamie, will tell you that I worry about crazy, irrational things.  But ironically, I'm not as worried about child birth as I thought I would be.  (I reserve the right to change this statement as I enter the hospital though).  Sure it took myself a few many years to be convinced that my wimpiness could handle birth, but now I know I have no choice.  Thanks for all those who shared their horror stories, but really, I just don't want to know what to expect come d-day.  We are all off better that way.  We skipped the $65 childbirth class--sorry nurses, you will just have to tell me what to do.  (Like I'm going to remember anything anyway...I know I'll be panicked!).  I used to be worried that my water would break in some embarrassing public location, but I've since learned that only 10% actually have their water break naturally anyway, and it's almost always at night.  Let's hope I didn't just jinx myself there. 

I'll be the first to admit that I have had an easy pregnancy.  It's probably God's way of encouraging me to do this again sometime.  The last few weeks have brought about the feet in my ribs, the constant acid reflux, and swollen hands (I've managed to get my wedding ring off, but not the other ring...shoot!).  And I even have the waddle going on most days.  But really, it's not bad at all.  I imagine that "Mateo" is probably more anxious about getting out.  I think this may be his thoughts:

My doctor told me a few weeks ago that I make pregnancy look easy.  I assured her that she would be earning every $ on delivery day! (Crossing my fingers that SHE actually is my delivery doctor!). 

It seems as though not unveiling the name has been more torturous for everyone else.  Only a little longer people!  We picked out our boy and girl name almost instantly after we found out we were expecting.  It will be so nice to actually use it!  But the worry-wart in me worries that with all the anticipation, people will be disappointed or won't like it (which is exactly why I don't want to hear that BEFORE the name is given...I'll just keep changing my mind).  But for those of you that are curious, we will give you a hint: It did make the list of Top 100 names of 2011.  That should help you narrow it down.  Oh, and only 1 of you has guessed correctly :)

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