Tuesday, December 13, 2011

To Do: Buy Matt a truck

Note: Pretend like this is a new development.

My husband is perfect is nearly every way.  (Yes, I realize it's almost Christmas time.) He's also nearly identical to his own dad, John...well, except for this one thing.  Matt loves to switch vehicles!  So when he got a truck at the end of October, he decided to keep it a secret until his dad came to Little Rock to visit us in November.  John just smiled...and likely his nose flared a bit (a trait they both share).

In the 18 years he has been able to drive, Matt has owned a few vehicles.  Here's the stats:

1. 1989 gray Pontiac Grand Am with 2.2L turbo

2. 1997 red Ford Ranger (later driven by his sister and converted to a monster truck)

3. 1999ish white GMC Sonoma

4 . 1996 red Ford Ranger Supercab (sold it to that identical dad in 1998, who yes, still has it)

5. 1994 white Pontiac Sunbird (sold this to his Aunt Kara)
     * Also had a work van during this time
6. 1999 white Chevy Shortbed

7. 2002 taupe Ford Taurus (formerly my car)

8. 2007 silver Dodge Ram
     * Sold this when CAT was doing major layoffs and we wanted to get rid of a vehicle payment.

8.5 2009 red scooter (couldn't make it up the hill to our house in Little Rock; sold to CAT employee who  still drives it to work daily)

9. 2005 taupe Ford Taurus (barely made the drive from South Carolina to Little Rock to South Carolina)

10. 2007 white Ford Edge (bought it in South Carolina to get cheaper taxes right before we moved)

11. 2008 Razorback Red Ford F150 (Matt swears that "Mateo" will drive this one day...he has to keep it awhile anyway...Mateo has to wear this shirt we got him)

Other Notes:
* We started dating in 1998 when he had #5
* We got married in 2003.  He has since gone through 8 vehicles in that 8 year period.
* Let's do the math: 33% were white; 33 % were neutral (gray/taupe/silver); 33% were red
* Matt's dad has had 6 cars in the past 30 years. He still drives and owns 50% of them!
* Matt has a very patient, understanding, loving wife.

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