Monday, April 15, 2013

To Do: Put on His Pants

To say that Parker likes to climb is an understatement.

Today alone I caught him with 3 new climbing adventures.  (And yes, I grabbed the camera.  No child was the capturing of these photos.  Yep, I bet we will be in the Emergency Room before age 2).  And maybe we should note that ironically all 3 times, he had his pants off.

First--His walking on the couch (one of his favorite hobbies), led him to standing on the coffee table.  That right leg later went up on the back of the couch cushion.  Photo taking stopped.

It wasn't probably 20 minutes later, when I saw this:

He clearly knows where we hide his paci.

Then tonight was this:

Clearly our "no! no!" isn't working.  He usually climbs up, looks at us with a devilishly looking smile, then shakes his finger and tells us "no, no, no, no"--one of his favorite new words!

Tomorrow, his pants are staying on!  Problem solved!

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