Monday, January 7, 2013

To Do: Paint with Pudding

O. M. G.

Oprah has her "ah-ha" moments.

I have my O.M.G. moments!

When I first got out of college, my first job was running a Birth to Age 5 family program called Growing Together.  The majority of the time, the families came to the school...where myself (and often the school janitor) were left with a mess.  I loved that.  I felt like it gave kids a chance to make a mess, a mess that often doesn't happen at home.

One option available to the families was Home Visits.  Since I was 22 with no kids, it wasn't really my place to give parenting advice. So instead, I came to offer ideas of activities that parents could do with their child to build skills.

I have no idea now how old the little girl, Allison, was but I'm guessing between 1 and 2.  Wise-one here thought it would be a good idea to bring CHOCOLATE pudding for Allison to fingerpaint with.  Oh no, why bring VANILLA when you can bring CHOCOLATE!  

So probably 12 years later, it's still an O.M.G. moment!  Allison's mom, Marla (who probably could have had me fired, but instead whipped out the video camera!), was the best sport!  She stripped Allison down to just a diaper and let her go at it.  That pudding was everywhere!  In her hair.  All over the diaper.  Covering her entire arms.  EVERYWHERE!!  

Now that I'm a parent, I figured I had to give this pudding fingerpaint a try with my little guy.   

Yep, I went with vanilla.  I learned!  

Parker sure got a kick out of it.  But he meant business too.  

Well, until her discovered that this stuff tasted good!!  

And then he was busy scooping up handfuls of pudding and hoping every drop hit his mouth. (While some managed to make it to his hair).

And when he couldn't get it with his hands, he just licked the tabletop!

Needless to say, we ended the experiment with one happy (and wound up) boy!

But wasn't the O.M.G. moment I had with Allison.  (And for that I'm a little thankful!).  Marla, can I say "I'm Sorry" again??

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