Tuesday, June 19, 2012

To Do: Celebrate Father's Day

Sunday was Matt's first Father's Day...though technically last year we knew already that he was going to be a dad.  In fact, we were so excited last June, but we hadn't made our announcement yet.  Now I realize that Father's Day is the same weekend every year, but when you don't work, you don't really pay attention to the calendar (just commercials...ha).  I had it in my head that Father's Day was like June 8th (or whatever that Sunday was).  I even whipped up a homemade card for my Father-in-Law and it actually arrived before June 8th.  When Matt called his dad that Sunday, his dad just sort of giggled and said "thanks."  Eventually, he told Matt that it wasn't quite Father's Day yet.  Oops!  But Matt couldn't wait to tell him he was going to be a dad too so I think he told him anyway.  On the actual real Father's Day, we went boating with our Arkansas friends and Matt announced to them that he would be a dad the next year.  I remember the complete silence!

Anyway, for Matt's big day this year I asked him what he wanted to do. He just wanted to go home and spend the day with his own dad.  We pretty much just hung out and his mom made one of our favorite meals--chicken & noodles!

Of course, Parker got a little attention!  

His buddy, Caleb, was especially by his side at all times.  Caleb didn't like the fact that Parker needed naps.  And whenever anyone else held Parker, he constantly asked, "is it my turn yet?"

Matt and I got new bikes for our first Mother's & Father's Day gifts.  But I have to show off the other little gift that Parker gave his daddy... (another Pinterest project completed!)

Thank you Matt for being the perfect Dad!  (Well, except for not changing dirty diapers...but you get a pass since you remove band-aids after shots when Mommy can't!)

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  1. Great post and great pics! I love the Pinterest project. Happy 1st Fathers Day to Matt!