Friday, March 9, 2012

Parker: 1 month

Diaper Size: Newborn
Clothes Size: Newborn
Eats: 4 oz

Highlights from Month:

You poor thing.  Not only did you not feel good, but your silly parents were still trying to figure out how to do everything!  It was 70 degrees the first weekend you were home, so we attempted to meet up with the neighbors and go for a walk.  But you didn't really like the idea of being in the car seat!  (Luckily, you quickly learned to love stroller rides!)

Your fist bath wasn't very enjoyable for you either.  You screamed the whole time!  We ended up resorting to sponge baths on a bath towel and changed that uncomfortable bath insert to a squishy sponge. 

While you didn't sleep as much as most newborns, I loved watching you sleep!  I stared at every little body part--in amazement at how beautiful each was to me.  We spent many hours cuddled together on the recliner!  You especially liked to snuggle with your warm dad.

As soon as we got you home, you gained an appetite.  Forget the 2 ounces that the hospital recommended, you instantly gulped down 4 ounces!  You liked to eat every 2-3 hours it seemed.

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